Set of 4 Stained Poplar Coffee Bean Coasters

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It’s been said there’s no such thing as too much coffee.
I am personally inclined to agree.

Which is why between my 13th and 14th cup of coffee today I decided to design some coffee bean coasters.
And then between my 21st and 22nd cup of coffee today, I made the coasters.
And here I am, nursing my 91st cup of coffee today while I make a listing for the coasters I made.
Which are of course… coffee.

They’re made out of 3/8″ poplar, and stained to a nice dark color which highlights the grain of the wood.
Spines of shading on the bean and cracks in the outer shell reach to the center to support your precious mug of black brew.
We wouldn’t want you to spill any, now.

The shorter axis of the coaster is 3.5″ which should be plenty wide for even soup-bowl coffee drinkers.

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Concrete and Wire Industrial Pendant Light

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This industrial pendant light is made from hand-cast concrete, painted hardware cloth, and good ol’ fashioned electricity.
Coupled with a vintage carbon filament Edison bulb, it lends a comfortable and soothing presence to any space.
It’s as suited to illuminate a patio as it is to illuminate a bar.

The concrete is reinforced with the wire which gives it shape.
The top has wire all the way to the center hole which holds the light up on the socket itself.
The bottom has about 1/2″ of wire embedded in it to lend support below as well.

Every casting comes out different. Some have sharper edges while some have softer rounded edges.
The bulb socket used in the images may not be the one you receive, as we are still investigating options.

Please allow roughly a week for manufacturing time, in addition to time for shipping.

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2D Tesseract Wall Art Sculpture, with Tesselated Tesseract Background

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Tesseracts within tesseracts! As far as the eye can see!

Now you too can have your very own personal wrinkle in time.

Turn your 3rd eye to the 4th dimension with this cool and unique piece of wall art, sure to make your change your perspective on your living room…

…or wherever else you decide to put it!

The inner tesseract design is made from stained and layered maple and held together with glossy black leather cord.
The frame is stained and layered maple.
The background is unstained maple with a laser etched tesseract tessellation.

Piece comes with hardware for wall hanging.

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Steampunk Poplar and Acrylic Clockwork Gear Pendant

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This poplar pendant is made of wood, acrylic, and brass hardware and is intended to be hung on 1-2mm leather cord.

Artfully stained, the wood has a pleasant somber and vintage look which coupled with the brass and clear gears giving it an evocatively Victorian look. With its kinetic nature it is perfect for people who need something to do with their hands with turning the gears being a pleasing and rewarding experience. The acrylic picks up the light beautifully, sparkling and looking rather mysterious.

The frame is laser cut, measuring about 2″ tall, 1/2″ wide, and 3/8″ thick. It is sanded, stained, and sealed for protection.
The gears are mounted on the frame with brass Chicago screws, and are allowed to mesh and rotate together as a unit.

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PaislEye Shirt

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A nifty contemporary paisley design composed entirely out of eyes and eye-like shapes.

Printed in Yellow and Dark Forest Green on a Day-Glo Green shirt.

Definitely sure to catch some attention.

This is a limited run design, so get yours while we still have them in stock!

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Rugged Leather and Glass Mason Jar Travel Mug

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This cool and chic design keeps your hands cool, and your drink warm…

or the other way around!.

Good for both hot and cold beverages, this classic travel mug comes with the original mason jar lid in order to keep your drinks cozy on the go.
The leather jar cozy is removable for easy washing.

All pieces are handmade to order and include both the removable rugged leather jar cozy, and the jar itself.

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Vintage Sky Blue Left Facing Shark Pendant

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A blast from the past!

Just a little memento from our days at Camp Left Shark.

Make sure you grab yours now, as we’ve only got a few in stock, and who knows when we’ll be able to go back in time to get more!

Finished wood with sky blue paint and a clear matte finish.
Knotted leather cord and silver wire finishing elements.

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Distressed Sky Blue Ring – Acrylic and Wood

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A two piece wood and acrylic ring with a distressed sky blue finish.

A rugged and chic ring with a vintage beach look, very lightweight and durable.

Made from sustainable and eco-friendly repurposed materials.

Each ring is hand made to order and individually worn and distressed. As a result, each ring is unique.

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Clear Acrylic Earring – Concentric Rectangles

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An elegant and subtle concentric geometric piece.

Clear acrylic finished with antiqued gunmetal hardware elements.

All pieces are hand made to order.

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Layered Maple and Acrylic Ring

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Layered Maple and Acrylic Ring

This unique piece of jewelry is made from renewable maple and acrylic.

A light but rugged band, suitable for a man or woman.

Each piece is handmade to order.
Because of the handmade nature of the piece, each ring is unique and contains natural and desirable imperfections.

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